Our range, our cuvées and our millésimes (harvesting years)

AOP Chinon "Les Hautes Vignes"

Gamme : Vineyards

Millésime : 2013

Planted area  : 2 hectares

Locality : Savigny en Véron

Situation : Confluence of the Loire and Vienne rivers

Orientation : South

Altitude : 33 metres

Climate : 2013 belongs to those years when everything happens later than usual. The weather is full of excesses and contrasts. Spring was wet and miserable, whereas Summer was one big heatwave from the beginning of July to the end of August. All of this sun was of course beneficial and, with the help of a bit of rain at the beginning of September, the grapes, having quenched their thirst, were able to grow to full maturity. A very memorable year for all the winegrowers in the area.

Soil : Rich silty sands

Grape variety : 100 % cabernet franc (locally called «cabernet breton »)  grafted on a 3309 and 101/14 stock.

Average age of vines : 30 yeats, density 5000 plants/hectare

Yield : 45 Hectolitres/hectare

Alcoolic degree : 12°3

Harvesting : Mechanical, done on the 10th of October

Vinification : 100 % destemming without pressing. Double sorting, manual and mechanical. Fermentation done with local yeasts. 12 day fermentation. Natural malolactic fermentation done immediately after draining and completed by the middle of December.

Maturing : Lightly filtered on a diatomic bed, matured traditionnally in barrels. (1/2 hogshead of 600 litres).

Aging potential : 5 to 10 years depending on conservation conditions.