Our range, our cuvées and our millésimes (harvesting years)

AOP Bourgueil "Le Clos Sénéchal"

Gamme : Domains

Millésime : 2014

Planted area  : 1,85 hectare

Locality : BENAIS

Situation : On the hill, mid-slope

Orientation : South

Altitude : 75 metres

Climate : A very clement Spring brought an early start for vegetation, and the following good weather in June helped a homogenous flowering. The rather morose summer was followed by a radiant month of September, helping the grapes to their full maturity.

Soil : Limestone clay

Grape variety : 100 % cabernet franc (locally called «Breton »)  grafted on a 3309 and 101/14 stock.

Average age of vines : 55 years, density 5000 plants/hectare.

Yield : 42 hectolitres/hectare

Alcoolic degree : 12°5 without chaptalization.

Harvesting : Manual and mechanical. Done on the 10th octobre.

Vinification :  100 % destemming without pressing.Vinification  in vats thermostatically controlled by internal heat exchangers at 26 – 28 °C. 12 day fermentation without pressing. Malolactic fermentation done immediately after draining and completed by the 10th of December

Maturing : Lightly filtered on a diatomic bed, matured traditionnally in barrels for several months (1/2 hogshead of 600 litres) . Bottled two years after harvesting.

Aging potential : Up to 20 years for this very good millésime.