The history of a family

Our family settled in the Bourgueil area in 1839 and now exploits 40 hectares of vineyard on the BOURGUEIL, SAINT NICOLAS DE BOURGUEIL  AND CHINON appellations.

Respecting our soils, our cuvées represent our single grape variety, the “cabernet franc” and is the character of our vintages.

It is at our “Domaine du Grand Clos” that our harvest is vinified.

The plucked grapes are de-stemmed and carefully put into vats for fermentation.

Our vinification is traditional : fermentation and maceration continue up to 2 or 3 weeks depending on the vintage, and we use indigenous yeasts and bacteria to promote fermentation to retain the characteristics of our different soils.

We vinify in stainless steel vats, permanently controling temperatures. Following these rules is essential for the quality of the wine : preserving the aromas that are the expression of our grape variety, and extracting tannins paramount for aging wines.

The harvest is then put into 600 litre barrels so that it can breathe naturally. Following its characteristics it will stay there  for aging. Our substantial stocking capacity permits us to chose the moment most favorable, essential for its development, for then doing the very delicate operation of bottling the wines.