A vineyard on each renowned territory.

We are lucky to have the whole range of the different soils, called « terroir », that exist for each appellation : sand, gravelly or pebbly soil, siliceous clay, limestone clay and pure limestone. These soils give to our cuvées their characteristics and typicality.

Planted on a terrace of sandy pebbly soil near the town of Bourgueil, the vines of « La Contrie » enjoy a direct southern exposure. This gravelly soil is very filtering and highly sensitive to rain and drought. The issuing wines are the reflection of the climatic conditions during the year. In the case of a very dry year, the tannins will be stronger and the wines can be aged, whereas on a particularly wet year, the wines will be more supple and will mature quicker. On a total of 3 and a half hectares, the average age is of 45 years giving a yield of 40 to 60 hectolitres per hectare depending on the year.

In portions and disseminated on the Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil territory, these 6 hectares of vines, from which this cuvée comes from, are planted on the same type of soil : gravelly or pebbly sands. These wines are the ultimate « thirst » wines.